Audio Visual Installations

At Realty Improvement, we offer clients a wide range of home improvement and renovations services, and we are excited to now provide our clients with the highest-rated audio/visual installation and repair services available across the Tri-State! When it comes to home theaters, television systems, entertainment setups, and more, technology has advanced quite a bit over the years.

Gone are the days of bulky tube televisions, and impossible to install surround sound systems, and more. And while the streamlined entertainment equipment of today has certainly made it easier on consumers to DIY their way through the process, when it comes to quality, high-end, aesthetically pleasing audiovisual installations and repairs – its still vital that you contact a professional!

Smart TVs, Sound Systems and More!
The latest innovations in smart TV technology, allow individuals to have much of their favorite entertainment platforms available at the touch of a button, and while smart TVs make the process much simpler, they still require quite a bit of setup and installation work. Whether it’s mounting your television on the wall, equipping your entertainment area for the best possible surround sound quality, or connecting a series of devices, to all be controlled from one central hub – the team at Realty Improvement has got your back! Our expert AV installers and repair team can create the perfect, custom-fitted setup designed to house all your very own entertainment devices, and much more! Plus, we will assist you in identifying and installing the most efficient system, designed to ensure that your entertainment runs seamlessly, whether it’s for movie nights with the family or football Sundays with friends!

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs and Hidden Wiring
One of the most important aspects of your home entrainment system and overall audiovisual installation has got to be the look and feel. No one wants their clunky audiovisual equipment to clash, and ruin the overall aesthetic and look of their home. With Realty Improvement on your side, we will establish a seamless design that makes your entertainment system a part of your overall home design and not like an eyesore!

Plus, when it comes to wiring for plugs, speakers, HDMI cables, connectors, and more, we can help design you an overall setup that seamlessly hides this wiring the best way possible – whether it tucked behind devices, or embedded into the wall – we can ensure that your overall entertainment setup looks just as good as it functions!

For more information on all your audiovisual installation and repair needs, and any of our other vital home renovations and improvement services, be sure to contact us today.